FLOODS-RESPONSE-COLOMBO-RECIPIENTS-7In 2016, weeklong rains caused severe devastation, flooding of homes and deadly landslides across the island of Sri Lanka. In Colombo, the flooding was severe. Boats plied the deep flood waters that inundated thousands of homes in the city, delivering aid and rescuing the elderly and sick from rooftops.

In a few days in Sri Lanka, some 58 people died from lightning strikes, drowning, falling trees and landslides triggered by the cyclonic rains. Schools were closed and electricity was shut down in flooded areas including Colombo.

Project Sri Lanka made an emergency response to this natural crisis and sent funds to support victim of the floods in the Wellampitiya area of Colombo. Our aid supplied basic items of equipment for families who had lost all possessions including bedding, cookers, fridges, cooking pans and utensils and clothing.