Many years ago, the village people of Paranapura that lies in a very remote spot in the Tanamawilla area, dug a large hole in the ground where water was available for short periods in the year. For some 25 years this hole provided a minimal water supply for certain months. Yet they did not have the resources to transform this into a proper well for the retention of water. The water from the ground hole was far from ideal for drinking purposes as when rains came, the sides of the hole caved in as a result of natural erosion of the land.

In 2015 after a visit and assessment by the Chair of the Trustees, Project Sri Lanka agreed to support the villagers and complete a large well.

The land on which the original water hole was located is owned by a Mr Kumara who had no hesitation in agreeing to allow the well to be constructed for the benefit of the whole village community.

Some of the men of Paranapara work in the brick-laying trade and generously donated time to assist in the construction of the 20 feet deep and 20 feet in diameter well. They were helped by other village people rendering this a true partnership project with substantial construction input from the people of the community.

The completed well enables families to have drinking, cooking and bathing water available throughout the year and sufficient water for growing crops including chillies, eggplants, papayas, and manioc. It has without doubt transformed lives and in addition to the obvious benefits, the well supports other village business activities including brick-making, thus enhancing income generation.

The agro-drinking well was officially opened by Trustees Joy and David Cooper in January 2016

In 2017-2018 severe drought has affected this village and Trustees were reminded of the extreme conditions under which the local people attempt to grow crops and deal with everyday life.