Volunteers 2009

Amanda Crowson

My name is Amanda Crowson and I’m a second year student on the Master of Social Work course.

My particular interests are woman’s aid, domestic violence and mental health. I am interested in walking, arts & crafts, reading, running and yoga. While in Sri Lanka I would love to learn how to play cricket. I am committed to the Sri Lanka Project as it seems in previous years this project has really benefited the local community and I look forward to working within it.

Claire Galloway

My name is Claire Galloway and I am a student on the Master of Social Work course, due to finish summer 2009.

I have particular interests of working with adults in a community care setting and adults with a disability. I enjoy sports especially netball and rounder’s, which I hope to get involved in whilst in Sri Lanka. I would also enjoy being in a teaching/classroom environment and also community work with children/adults whilst in Sri Lanka. I have never visited Sri Lanka before and would like to experience this country and its culture.

I am very much committed in taking part in Project Sri Lanka. I see this work as a very worthwhile project and can bring good team working skills and enthusiasm to this kind of work.

Rachel Heath

Hi my name is Rachel Heath and I am a 1st year doing my Masters in Social Work.

In my spare time I enjoy music, especially singing, being outdoors and spending time with my friends. I have never been anywhere like Sri Lanka before & that was one of the reasons I wanted to get involved in the project so I can learn about a new culture, meet new people and immerse myself in what I find. I am also excited about being able to use my own skills to help the people I meet as well as learning new ones.

Kathryn Lowdon

My name is Kathryn Lowdon and I am 24 years old. I work with Social Services where I specialise with people who have disabilities.

I am interested in travelling the world and seeing the beautiful sights of Sri Lanka. I can’t wait to embrace the Sri Lankan culture and meet the indigenous people there. I will hopefully be working with children and adults to develop living skills within the community.

Layla Mofrad

My name is Layla Mofrad and I am a second year Masters of Social Work student with an interest in working with adults, mental health, concepts of race and different cultures.

I practice yoga, and play netball and squash. I hope to be able to use some of these skills when devising activities and working with communities in Sri Lanka. I am committed to going to Sri Lanka because I know I will be able to put some of my social work skills to good use within communities over there. I will be able to promote awareness of British culture, and I will also learn a lot about Sri Lanka and the issues that affect people who live there. I will be able to share this knowledge on my return and raise the profile of the project and the cause.

Kathryn Simcox

My name is Kathryn Simcox. I’m a qualifying social worker with particular interests in older persons and mental health.

My first love is travelling; I also enjoy photography, the arts, and vegetarian food! Family is also very important to me. This will be a totally new experience for me but I want to immerse myself in the different cultural experience within this community supporting people to look to the future.