PARANAPARA HOLE DUG FOR WELLGiven the obvious success and importance of agro-drinking wells provided by Project Sri Lanka in 7 locations (5 in the Wellawaya area and 2 in the Kandy area of the island), the Chairman was asked to visit four new communities to assess their needs for water supply and to consider the provision of wells. These four villages are Parakumpura, Samagipura, Paranapara and Weherayaya, all in the Wellawaya and Tanamawilla region of the country. Further details of all four locations can be found on the relevant village pages of this website.

Extremely positive meetings were held in each place in July 2015 when the Chairman met the owners of the land and village people who explained their needs and commitment to assisting with well construction. In each place Joy was shown the appropriate ground hole where a well could be established to retain water throughout the year. The Trustees agreed to support all four projects.